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Boiler special - Ideal Commercial

H&V News takes a look at some of the leading players in the commercial boiler market

Product names, outputs and gross efficiencies

  • Imax W: 45-100 kW, up to 97.3 per cent
  • Imax Xtra: 80-560 kW, up to 95.18 per cent
  • Imax Plus III: 95-330 kW, up to 94.73 per cent
  • Super Series 4: 50-600 kW, up to 84.96 per cent
  • Super Plus : 200-600 kW, up to 84.96 per cent
  • Concord CXA/H: 40-100 kW, up to 84.84 per cent
  • Concord CXS/H: 40-120 kW, up to 84.84 per cent
  • Concord CXSi/H: 110-180 kW, up to 83.19 per cent
  • Concord Esi: 140-380 kW, up to 83.91 per cent
  • Buccaneer GTE: 21-39 kW, efficiency of up to 85.51 per cent (gas) 88.90 per cent (oil)
  • Falcon GTS: 40-100 kW, up to 84.83 (gas) 88.20 per cent (oil)
  • Harrier GTS: 105-330 kW, efficiency of up to 84.82 per cent (gas) 88.20 per cent (oil)
  • Viceroy GTS: 300-780 kW, up to 84.17 per cent (gas) 87.50 per cent (oil)
  • Viscount GTS: 754-1450 kW, up to 84.97 per cent (gas) 88.40 per cent (oil)
  • Vanguard L: 130-3500 kW, up to 83.82 per cent (gas) 87.20 per cent (oil)
  • Ecomass: 100-3000kW - carbon neutral operation

Product Types

  • Condensing : wall hung - Imax W
  • Condensing: floor standing -Imax Xtra/Imax Plus III
  • Gas Atmospheric - Concord CXA/H, CXS/H, CXSi, ESi
  • High Efficiency - Super Series 4/Super Plus
  • Pressure Jet - Buccaneer/Falcon/Harrier/Viceroy/Viscount/Vanguard L
  • Biomass - Ecomass

What flue types can you offer?

The Imax W has a range of concentric flue pipes and wall-mounted grille, vertical roof kit options, twin pipe flue kits and open flue kit options.

What fuel types can you offer?

Natural gas/propane/oil/biofuel/dual fuel/wood pellet/wood chip.

What are the NOx emissions from your boilers?

  • Condensing range - NOx Class 5
  • Gas Atmospheric Range - NOx Class 2/3
  • High Efficiency - NOx Class 4/5
  • Pressure Jet Range - NOx Class 2/3 - pressure jet boilers can also be supplied with low NOx burners

Which of your products qualify for the enhanced capital allowance scheme?

Imax Xtra / Imax W

What heat exchanger material do you use?

Aluminium for our condensing range; cast iron for pressure jet range except Vanguard L which is steel; copper tube with cast iron headers for Super Series 4; aluminium tube with alloy and cast iron end plates for Super Plus.

Can your commercial boilers be installed in a cascade system?

Imax W/Concord CXA can be used for frame and header kits and Imax W can be used on bespoke rigs solutions.

What controls do you offer?

For Imax W: Control Interface kit; Programmable Room Thermostat kit; Modulating Sequencer kit; Tank Sensor kit; BMS (0-10 V) kit; Outside Sensor Kit.

For Imax Xtra: Modulating Sequencer control kit; Programmable Room Thermostat kit.

We also have an optional sequencer kit for the Concord CXA/H and CXS/H ranges, a domestic hot water sensor option for the Buccaneer GTE and Falcon GTS, a flue gas thermometer for the Harrier, Viceroy and Viscount GTS models and an external sequence kit for the Super Series 4.

What will be the most important development for condensing boilers?

Improved efficiencies to meet future government legislation. Condensing boilers will continue to be the preferred choice for commercial installations.

What features distinguish your products from others in the market?

We are a UK manufacturer with a long heritage. We offer wide ranges of controls and fluing options, with unparalleled reliability throughout.

Dominant in the gas atmospheric and high efficiency sectors, we are enjoying rapid growth in the condensing area. We are also a strategic partner to leading UK merchants.