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Flamco aims to eliminate environmental impact of liquid chemicals with tablet-based inhibitor

Manufacturer claims ’dishwasher’ approach to cleaning in its new RedProtect filter will have significant benefits in packaging, plastic and waste

Water system specialist Flamco is launching what it claims will be the first significant change to domestic system cleaning for a decade, with a filter that uses tablets for its cleaning and corrosion inhibitor, in place of the conventional liquid or gel.

The ‘dishwasher’ style basket of tablets is designed to sit in a bespoke magnetic filter which circulates the chemicals around the system. A four-tablet dose will protect up to 100 litres of water, Flamco says.

By compacting the cleaner and inhibitor into a tablet form, the manufacturer says at a stroke its RedProtect system makes a significant three-pronged impact: to safety, by eliminating risk of leakage; to the environment, by using less packaging, plastic and chemical material; and to the physical space it takes up, in both installers’ vans and merchants’ shelves.

Domestic sales director John Lynch said: “The small size means much more can be fitted on the van, which will not only mean reduced cost to move it around, but reduced carbon too.”

The plastic basket system used for the tablets represents an 84 per cent saving in plastic use over a conventional one litre liquid container. The basket weights 12.9 g, making a significant saving in weight against the litre-bottle’s 1.1 kg, Mr Lynch noted: “The weight difference might not sound much on its own, but if you factor in that three million doses of inhibitor are sold annually, that mounts up to a significant volume saved.”

Flamco says the three-element system, comprising filter, inhibitor and cleaner, will provide system clean-up and protection to both new and existing heating systems, enabling them to run at optimum efficiency. The manufacturer is sufficiently confident in its effectiveness that it is offering a 10-year warranty for the filtration system.

The RedProtect filter is designed to accommodate the tablets and to release the dose in a sidestream process – claimed to be the first such system to offer this for domestic applications. The key benefit of the sidestream configuration is to reduce pressure drop – claimed to be as much as 50 per cent lower pressure drop than other filtration systems – but the additional benefit is that the filtration makes a lower demand on the circulation pump, saving up to 8 per cent on pump energy. As a result, the system has been endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust.

A neodymium magnet in the filter provides magnetic filtration, while reduced water velocity in the collection chamber allows non-magnetic debris to separate in the entrapment chamber. The unit can be cleaned using either the drain valve at the bottom of the filter or by physically removing the magnet and rinsing it under running water, the firm says.

The filter itself is able to rotate 360 degrees to simplify installation, Flamco says.

The RedProtect Inhibitor (RP1) is a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor, designed to protect the system against corrosion and limescale over the duration of its lifetime, with both anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors to offer maximum protection for system base metals. Protection against limescales is such that the standard dosing will provide sufficient protection for anywhere in the country, Mr Lynch added

Flamco says the product’s effectiveness is proven by far exceeding the only existing relevant performance criteria for such chemicals, BuildCert CIAS (Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme). RP1 claims six times greater protection for aluminium than the CIAS criteria and more than three times greater (360 per cent) for mild steel.

The RedProtect Cleaner (RP2) is a concentrated universal cleaning agent, which the firm says is capable of solubilising installations greases and debris, as well as mobilising older, more established magnetic and non-magnetic system debris, ready to be either flushed to drain, or collected in the filter. The Cleaner is formulated to have a neutral pH and to be effective in both hot and cold water conditions. The product range is supported by an R&D and analytical laboratory.

The products will be available from merchants in a range of permutations from next month.

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